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Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single girder overhead cranes are a type of overhead crane that are common in production, engineering and many other workplaces as they cater to practically any lifting application.Dongqi single girder overhead crane can best meet the demands of productivity and safety.

Commonly, single girder overhead crane is regarded as a kind of light duty lifting equipment match with CD1, MD1 type electric hoist. In order to best meet the demands of productivity and safety, the single beam bridge crane is widely used in workshop, warehouse, and yard.

There are many types single girder overhead cranes can be divided into different groups. Regarding to the internal configuration, we has the high performance equipment- European standard overhead crane. Aimed to the distinct working environment, the explosion-proof overhead crane and single girder electric hoist crane may be your best choice for hazardous and poor situation. Considering the space of factory, you can choose the under hung overhead crane when headroom of your factory is limited, on the contrary, a top running bridge crane must be more suitable.

Besides, we also provide customized service for your additional requirements.

Single Girder Overhead Crane


Winning points of our overhead cranes

In order to win the international overhead crane market, DQCRANES exceeds itself in providing superior quality overhead cranes and overhead crane services. DQCRANES is dedicated itself to win the smiles of you, our valuable customers around the world through its effort in the following aspects:

  1. Customized overhead crane perfectly fits your application environment.
    Taking your building and working conditions and your lifting requirements into full consideration, the engineering team of DQCRANES will work out an overhead crane which will adapt your facility ideally.
  2. Types of quality overhead cranes with various tonnages are available which can meet your lifting requirements.
    Hot designs of Dongqi overhead crane  Double girder overhead crane, Single girder overhead crane, suspension overhead crane, Manual suspension overhead crane, manual overhead crane, etc. Most popular overhead crane tonnages  1 ton overhead crane, 2 ton overhead crane, 3 ton overhead crane, 5 ton overhead crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 20 ton overhead crane, 30 ton overhead crane
  3. Lifetime care is given to your overhead crane to maximize your overhead crane value.
    Dongqi Crane cares your overhead crane through the whole working life and we provide overall crane services for your overhead crane safety. Dongqi overhead crane service includes: Overhead crane design, overhead crane installation, overhead crane operator training, overhead crane inspection, etc.
  4. Competitive overhead crane price is the unbeatable advantage of DQCRANES.
    On ensuring overhead crane quality, DQCRANES is delicate to lowering the overhead crane price to lower your purchasing cost. (Read more about Secrets on Why Chinese Crane Machines Are so Cost-effective.).

How to select overhead crane for your application?

Overhead crane or bridge crane is used to improve your working efficiency of your factory and warehouse. How to select the most suitable overhead crane for your application? Here are some questions for you to select your overhead crane:

  • How long has the manufacture or provider of the overhead crane been in business?Do they have direct industry experience in providing overhead cranes for competitors?
  • What types of overhead cranes they can offer?
  • What’s their overhead crane manufacturing procedures and quality control process?
  • Are their overhead crane ISO certificated? See our overhead crane certifications.
  • Specify your overhead crane specifications, such as, lifting capacity, size, span, etc.
  • How often your overhead crane will be used, once a week, once or twice a day, or constantly?
  • How will the overhead crane move? (Up or down, left or right, forward or back?)

If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us.

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