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Manual Chain Hoist / Chain Block

Manual Chain Hoist / Chain Block

Manual chain hoist / Hand Chain Hoist 

Manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist  is one of the most economical material handling equipment with features of hand operation, simple structure, cost-effective, widely application, etc. What’s more, the spark resistant features, such as, stainless steel, bronze hooks, chains, wheels, etc are available tomanual chain hoist / hand chain hoist. Manual chain hoist is divided into lever hoist and chain block.The lifting capacity of manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist is 0.5 to 100 ton, The main parameters of the manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist are as follow:sjGHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Product Type Manual Chain Hoist
Manual Chain Hoist Lifting Capacity 0.5~100t
Manual Chain Hoist Lifting Height  0.5~3.5m
Manual Chain Hoist Working Class  
Manual Chain Hoist Ambient Temperature -25~40℃

Applications of manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist

  • Manual chain hoist /  hand chain hoist  is usually used to install machine or to handle goods in short distance in the applications, such as, factory, mine, building site, dock, shipyard, warehouse, etc.
  • Manual chain hoist /  hand chain hoist is used with favor when handling materials in open air or when the power supply is in short.
  • Manual chain hoist /  hand chain hoist  also can be applied to lift and transport cars, matched with monorail car, manual single girder overhead crane and suspension crane.

Advantages of manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist

  • Safe and durable in use, confirming with the international standards.
  • Great toughness, small size, light weight, easy to handle.
  • Small pulling load, high strength of machine parts.
  • Advanced structure design and good appearance.
  • Manual lifting without power supply.

Features of manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist

  • Durable main parts, made of high quality alloy steel. 
  • 800 Mpa high strength lifting chain, with the features of 20M2 material , intermediate frequency quenching heat treatment, low wear, anti-corrosion, etc.
  • High strength hook, with the features of alloy steel material, gesture type of hook, etc.
  • Slow lifting is available to avoid overload.
  • Confirming with CE safety standards
  • Strength and durable in use
  • High safety performance.

Working principle of manual chain hoist / hand chain hoist

To lift good upside, pull the chain clockwise and then sprocket runs, pressing ratchet wheel and brake base as a body to rotate together, long axis rotating teeth gear, short axis and spline hole gear. Thus the lifting sprocket on the spline hole gear will drive the lifting chain to lifting goods stably.sjGHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Lifting goods down, anticlockwise pulling the chain, the brake base will separate from the brake pad, ratchet wheel will stop under the influence of ratchet pawl, five long shaft lifting sprocket driven gear in the opposite direction, then lifting goods stably. sjGHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd
The chain block adopts ratchet friction chip one-way brake, can brake under load condition, ratchet pawl mesh with the ratchet wheel under the influence of spring, make the brake work safely.sjGHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Manual chain hoist is a hand chain hoist which is one of the most economical chain hoist for you. The lifting capacity of manual chain hoist 0.5 to 100 tons are available. Contact us for more informaiton on manual chain hoist and hand chain hoist. sjGHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd


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