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Double Girder Overhead Crane

Dongqi double girder overhead crane including product models such as QB,QD,QE,LH ect.lift loads up to 550 ton.Double girder electric overhead travelling crane are most frequently used when capacities over 10 tons.

There are various types of double overhead crane. According to the different materials need to be lift, the double bridge crane is equipped with distinct lifting tools, such as the hook, the grab bucket and the electromagnet.  Aimed at the hazardous and poor working environment, you can choose the explosion-proof overhead crane to reduce the explode risk. And the foundry overhead crane to raise safety. Considering the way of suspend, we offer under hung bridge crane and top running overhead crane. If your factory space is limited, you can choose a under running bridge crane, on the contrary, a top running overhead crane may be the best choice.

Besides, Dongqi can be able to custom particular lifting machine to meet all your requirements.

Advantages of Double Girder Overhead Crane

  • Higher hook lift, since the hook can be pulled up between the main girders.
  • Extremely rigid girder construction and durable trolley design are well suited for heavy service applications. 

Double Girder Overhead Crane


How does DQCRANES fulfill your lifting requirements?

Don’t worry about which type of crane is suitable for your application. DQCRANES team will tell you what will best suit your needs. No matter it is a large scale or a specialized crane or a fully fabricated bridge crane, a set of components or even a single spare part, each order placed at DQCRANES will receive a full set of engineering treatment. How does DQCRANESF fulfill your expectation? Generally, it goes to the following procedures:

  • On receive your case, your engineer who is designed to take full responsibility to your order will cooperate with your sales engineer and project manager to identify your needs and find out what is the most suitable for your application.
  • On the thorough understanding of your needs and technical discussion among DQCRANES engineers, your engineer will design and provide the CAD-generated clearance drawing to you for initial approval.
  • After receiving your response and feedback, revisions will be made if necessary.
  • Double check with you to ensure the correctness of dimensions and details.
  • Crane production. From designing to production, DQCRANES engineer will be there to conduct and supervise the whole process.
  • Crane installation. Your appointed engineer will always be right here waiting to provide service for you if needed.
  • Cranes Services. Professional advices for crane shipment and services on crane installation, operation, operator training, maintenance and inspection will be given on your requirements. In a word, lift time care will be given to your crane.

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