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Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes are widely used when the lifting is needed without the cost of a building or support steel work. The gantry cranes can be placed indoors or outdoors, used for activities in steel stock yards, pre-cast segment yards, construction sites and other outdoor application. Non-powered gantry crane 3 D presentation & powered gantry crane 3 D presentation

Gantry crane advantages

  • Gantry cranes with the runway located on the floor can be used where the overhead crane or bridge is not practical.
  • Gantry cranes are more cost-effective comparing with the overhead crane system.
  • Gantry cranes have a wide application. Gantry can be used indoors and outdoors. Gantry cranes can be used when the existing factory structure which cannot bear the wheel loads of the overhead crane; or loads needs to be handled outside the crane span and when the relocation of the crane is required after the work at a certain site is completed.

Gantry crane offerings of DQCRANES

DQCRANES can provide a complete range of gantry cranes, i.e. full gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes and portable gantry cranes, including, single girder, double girder, single leg, double leg, and cantilever styles for indoor or outdoor service. The capacities, spans, heights can be customized.

BMH Semi-gantry Crane

Semi-gantry crane and Semi-gantry-crane

 Semi-gantry crane

Semi-gantry crane and Semi-gantry-crane[/caption] Semi-gantry crane is a small or middle scale gantry crane with one side of crane girder supported by one unilateral leg which can travel on the ground track, and the other side supported on the bracket track, which could save cost and space of the factory. The lifting capacity of the semi-gantry crane is 2 to 10 tons, and the working class is A3, and A4. The specifications of the semi-gantry crane is as following:

Product Type BMH
Semi-gantry Crane Lifting Capacity 2~10t
Semi-gantry Crane Span Length  8~20m
Semi-gantry Crane Working Class A3, A4
Semi-gantry Crane Ambient Temperature -25~40℃



MG Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane[/caption] Double girder gantry crane is heavy gantry crane with double girders, which is widely used for general purpose. Double girder gantry crane are heavy duty crane, used at indoors and outdoors places where overhead crane runways are not practical. The lifting capacity of the double girder gantry crane is 5 to 500 tons. The working class of the gantry crane is A5 and A6. The main parameters of double girder gantry crane is as follow:

MH Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single girder gantry crane

Single Girder Gantry Crane

Single girder gantry crane[/caption] Single girder gantry crane is a type of light small gantry crane with a single girder and rail travelling. The single girder gantry crane is designed for generally material handling, with the lifting capacity around 1 to 20 tons, and working class A3, or A4. The specification of the single girder gantry crane is as follow:

Product Type MH
Single Girder Gantry Crane Lifting Capacity 1~20t
Single Girder Gantry Crane Span Length  8~30m
Single Girder Gantry Crane Working Class A3, A4
Single Girder Gantry Crane Ambient Temperature -25~40℃

L Electric Trolley Gantry Crane

L Electric Trolley Gantry Crane

L Electric Trolley Gantry Crane

Electric Trolley Gantry  Crane with L Shape Leg Design

The electric trolley gantry crane is a mid –light type gantry crane, equipped with electric and crane hooks, with the obvious features of “ L” shape legs, which makes the crane more convenient for handling cargo with long length, such as, steel pipe, etc. The lifting capacity of the electric trolley gantry crane is 5 to 32 ton and working class is A5 and A6. The parameters are as following:

Winning points of Dongqi gantry cranes

In order to win the international gantry crane market, Dongqi Crane exceeds itself in providing superior quality gantry cranes and gantry cranes services. Dongqi Crane is dedicated itself to win the smiles of you, though the efforts in the following aspects:

  1. Customized gantry crane perfectly fits your application environment.Taking your building and working conditions and your lifting requirements into full consideration, the engineering team of DQCRANES will work out a gantry crane which will adapt your facility ideally.
  2. Types of quality gantry cranes with various tonnages are available which can meet your lifting requirements.

Hot designs of Dongqi gantry crane Full gantry crane, semi-gantry crane, portable gantry crane, single girder gantry crane, double girder gantry crane, single leg gantry crane, double leg gantry crane, and cantilever styles, truss gantry crane, box gantry crane, etc. Most popular gantry crane tonnages 1 ton gantry crane, 2 ton gantry crane,,3 ton gantry crane, 5 ton gantry crane , 10 ton gantry crane, 15 ton gantry crane , 20 ton gantry crane ,30 ton gantry crane, etc.

  1. Lifetime care is given to your gantry crane to maximize your gantry crane value.DQCRANES cares your gantry crane through the whole working life and we provide overall gantry crane services for your gantry crane safety. Dongqi gantry crane service includes: gantry crane design, gantry crane installation, gantry crane operator training, gantry crane inspection, etc.
  2. Competitive gantry crane price is the unbeatable advantage of Dongqi Crane.On ensuring gantry crane quality, DQCRANES is delicate to lowering the gantry crane price to lower your purchasing cost.

How to choose gantry crane for your application

The use of gantry crane is meant to improve material handing efficiency. The gantry crane is used to lift loads and provide the gantry crane operator full control, increase productivity, improve the utilization of floor space, etc. In a word, gantry cranes can be used to create a safe, efficient working environment in a particular area.How to select the suitable gantry crane for your application? Basically, the gantry crane capacity, beam length, clearance, and other options need to be considered. Factors needs to be considered when selecting a gantry crane:

  • Durability and capacity. A typical gantry crane is used for heavy duty usage. Dongqi gantry crane adopts quality parts and components to ensure the safety of gantry crane and your operation personnel. The capacity of Dongqi gantry crane ranges from 1 ton -500 ton, etc.
  • Powered & non-powered.Powered gantry crane can help reduce operator fatigue and increase material handling efficiency and capabilities whereas the non-powered gantry cranes are a very cost-effective material handling solutions. Dongqi is able to provide both powered and non-powered gantry cranes.
  • Operational efficiency. Select the gantry cranes which can be easily used in your facility while improving productivity.
  • Ease of use and ergonomics. Gantry crane should reduce the repetitive strain for operators and at the same time to ensure safety and comfortableness of the operator.
  • If you have any doubt, please feel free to contactfor free professional consultation on gantry cranes. Dongqi as a professional gantry crane manufacturer, will help you find out the optimal gantry crane for your application.

Crane services of DQCRANES

DQCRANES can provide overall crane services for all types of industries gantry cranes, and the main services are as follow:

&Gantry crane design Gantry crane project design
Gantry cranes designed by DQCRANES will solve any of your gantry crane problems and material handling problems without spending any unnecessary expenditures. .
Crane installation Gantry crane installation
EASAY gantry crane installation, wonderful working performance. DQCRANES can provide on-site gantry crane installation services and our gantry crane engineers will be at your services when necessary.
Crane maintenance Gantry crane lifetime maintenance
Gantry crane maintenance from DQCRANES ensures your safety and working efficiency.
Crane operator training Gantry crane operator Training
Dongqi gantry crane training includes gantry crane operation, maintenance and inspection, and crane spare parts, etc.
Crane tech support Gantry crane technical support
The powerful gantry crane technical support of DQCRANES will solve your gantry crane technical problems.
crane hook group Gantry crane parts
Dongqi gantry crane parts will renew your gantry cranes

Gantry crane recourse of Dongqi Crane

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Dongqi Crane Products and Services

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