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5 ton Wire Rope Low Headroom Electric Hoist to Malta Customer

05 Sep, 2017

5 ton 10 meter lifting height wire rope low headroom electric hoist to Malta customer. Low headroom electric hoist product has a compact structure, lifting the single, double speed, high efficient lifting stroke, smooth operation and other characteristicsJasHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

5-ton-low-headroon-electric-hoist-to-malta-customer.jpgJasHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

5 ton Wire Rope Low Headroom Electric Hoist Packaging

5-ton-low-headroon-electric-hoist-packaging.jpgJasHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Low Headroom Electric Hoist Advantages

The low headroom electric hoist applicable scope is wide, especially in the new factory which can effectively improve stroke height, can reduce the building height, reduce construction cost.JasHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

wire-rope-low-headroom-electric-hoist.jpgJasHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

  • The optimal clearance height can be raised by 200 ~ 500mm higher than ordinary CD type wire rope electric hoist.
  • Excellent triad transmission technology, lifting speed reducer adopts high quality alloy steel manufacturing, triple reduction, stable operation, long service life, reliable performance, to avoid the CD type wire rope electric hoist intermediate long distance transmission of many faults.
  • The motor for the specially designed new self-cooling cone type motor, motor shell for the heat dissipation good performance of aluminum alloy materials, motor insulation class is F, protection class is IP54, were higher than usual motor.
  • Electrical components for the world first-class Schneider products, use the components, such as large capacity contactor control switch connected to the motors and electrical components using the quick plug, make the installation of more efficient. All parts of the cable are protected by PE bellows to ensure the cable connection is reliable.
  • It can be done according to the user's requirements: hoist, hoist single-double speed or variable frequency stepless speed regulation control, remote control operation, overload protection, motor overheat protection and other functions.
  • Exquisite structure, beautiful appearance, with many unique innovations
  • The whole structure is easy to disassemble, install, easy to overhaul and easy to maintain
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