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The development of metallurgical crane

28 Aug, 2017

As an important part of a special crane, metallurgical crane has played a large role in the field of national product. With the rapid development of metallurgical industry in our country, the improvement of manufacturing process, metallurgical crane technology constantly improve and progress.kBmHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

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Metallurgical crane developing history

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Golden crane as the key part of metallurgical industry safety, normal production is indispensable and important equipment, its working reliability, security, advanced has always attached great importance to the people, but the restriction of the traditional metallurgical technology, the reform and opening up 30 years before the domestic metallurgical crane is basically under the mode of the former Soviet union to do some small improvement and development. With the deepening of the reform and opening up, a lot of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, modern metallurgy crane also great changes have taken place. Based on the domestic metallurgical enterprises of metallurgy process improvements and the use of the end user requirements, some opinions on the development trend of metallurgical crane.kBmHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Metallurgical crane people mainly refers to the service in metallurgical enterprises of ladle crane and container loading crane, slab handling crane and steel coil clamp crane, disk crane and serve the metallurgical plant level higher other bridge crane. Because of metallurgy enterprise, slab (ingot), the change of steel rolling process, stripping crane, soaking pit clamp, rigid material rake crane, crane flat flame bridge type crane, soaking pit peel crane and other traditional metallurgical crane has gradually become obsolete, there is no further analysis. Just in front of several crane is widely used in metallurgical enterprise is now do some preliminary analysis to explore the development trend.kBmHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

The total tendency of the development of metallurgical crane

Lifting weight large-scale, high speed working speed, one of the main trends in modern metallurgy crane lifting weight is large, high speed working speed, with the development of the social demand for metallurgical enterprises are also gradually increase, this not only on the required number of metallurgical products, more important is performance in quality and variety of metallurgical products, due to the increase of social demand and promoted the technical transformation of metallurgical enterprises and technological progress, application of large converter, continuous casting and rolling technology of metallurgy crane of large-scale and high speed put forward higher request, regarding the development of domestic production enterprises mainly metallurgical crane ladle crane is a simple statistics: can be seen from the chart, in fifty years main hook hoisting speed and lifting weight were significantly improved.kBmHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

Lifting, running mechanism adopts speed control system in the early 70 s ~ 80 s, with the development of ac speed regulation technology and mature, foreign famous crane manufacturers have launched various institutions governing commitment. Speed range varies because of the speed control mode. Now design a large number of stator voltage regulating and frequency conversion speed control system is used the lifting mechanism with the stator voltage regulator, is running mechanism with variable frequency.kBmHenan Dongqi Machinery Co., Ltd

After using speed control has the following obvious advantages:

  • Institutions, smooth braking when institutions, brake only 1/10 or 1/20 at normal speed dead slow starter or braking, suspended objects running smoothly, particularly advantageous to the foundry ladle crane operation;
  • Can effectively reduce brake wear brake block
  • Suspended objects accurately positioning
  • To reduce metal structure (bridge or trolley frame) and the impact of the transmission system, prolong service life
  • Can effectively improve working conditions for operators
  • Reduce the impact of the power grid by starting

Metallurgical crane after using speed control system also brings the following questions:

  • Crane cost increase
  • Higher requirements of maintenance electrician technology level. Although after using speed control system would increase the cost of equipment, increase the difficulty of maintenance, but with the progress of technology, the speed control system are also gradually reduced, the cost of its superiority is more obvious. The change of the speed regulation system, its working condition for its development laid a solid foundation.
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